Monday, March 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin Paragraph

George Zimmerman should be charged with murder for shooting Trayvon Martin. For example, because there was three witnesses that heard a boy (Trayvon Martion) shout out for help and heard a gun shot after that so there is people that heard. This shows that there was some witnessess insted of one person hearing the screaming there was three. This also shows that people should anounce the stuff they hear because some one can be in danger insted of ignoring the problem. Additionally, People  how Zirmmerman was talking and they said that he sounded like he was on the influence of drugs or alcahol. This shows that drugs do affect your actions and people arent going to belive him because he was on the influenced on drugs. It is important for teenagers to follow this story because this can happen to anyone, so if someone was following you, you will know what to do like scream out for help, run, and or just call the police right away.


  1. I agree with you carlos. You have good reasons.

  2. You have really good commentary on this subject and I like the facts you used to support your opinion.