Monday, March 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin Paragraph

George Zimmerman should be charged with murder for shooting Trayvon Martin. For example, because there was three witnesses that heard a boy (Trayvon Martion) shout out for help and heard a gun shot after that so there is people that heard. This shows that there was some witnessess insted of one person hearing the screaming there was three. This also shows that people should anounce the stuff they hear because some one can be in danger insted of ignoring the problem. Additionally, People  how Zirmmerman was talking and they said that he sounded like he was on the influence of drugs or alcahol. This shows that drugs do affect your actions and people arent going to belive him because he was on the influenced on drugs. It is important for teenagers to follow this story because this can happen to anyone, so if someone was following you, you will know what to do like scream out for help, run, and or just call the police right away.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Academic Language Week 25 - Concealed Handguns

Adults should not have the right to carry a concealed gun. One reason is because adults should  ESTABLISH a good be a role model for young adults because many kids today learn most of the things they know from adults. Another reason is an accident may happen while with the gun and it may be hard for the owner of the gun to JUSTIFY what happend. Additionally the gun may or can be used in the wrong way if it were to be in the wrong hands. In conclusion people can INDICATE that carrying a gun can be dangerous because some can die or get hurt.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Technology in School Paragraph

        Teachers use technology to help me learn. For example my whole school life I used technology to help me with my learning process in school. I at least have done all core classes on technology. My favorite was math because it was the funnest on technology. It has helped me a lot in class for the subject and also just to learn the basics of computers and all kinds of things.
         When I first started using technology, it was probably in kindergarten, I was trying to learn my ABC's and 123's and what I remember from that experience is that it really did help me because I never really liked picking up a piece of paper and a pencil.When I first started it really helped me to play educational games because they helped with the subject I was working on at the time.
        Practically 1st through 5th grade is where I learnd my math from adding to dividing because of technology and the websites the teacher gave us, There is a lot of online games that will teach you. I think it made all the subjects in elementary fun even the subjects that you dont know how to do. For example I'm really not good with reading, writing, and spelling.

       There are a lot of websites that will help students or even adults to pronounce or define words. There is a lot of websites for spelling too. I use a website in class called "Quizlet" it really helps me to study for my spelling words and it is an awesome website. It is my first year as a 9th grader to use this website and it has really helped me in the process. I never really studied for a spelling test till now, because it is really fast and everyone learns quick.

        Technology is getting more advanced and it is really helping in the classes. I learned my ABC'S to  doing powerpoints and presentation and  it is easier to reseach people, places and information instead of looking in a book,  it makes it faster. Future teachers or even present teachers can help their students to learn by using technology in class. Students learn faster and it makes it way easier and more organized for the teachers. My opinion is that all classes should have computers for subjects, because students learn way more from researching  instead of copying  from textbooks or reading them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Academic Language Week 23 - Dog Fighting

Dog fighting should be illegal. One reason is because dogs are living creatures like us and its not right to force an animal to do something they don't wanna do, they don't have the POTENTIAL to talk for themselves or to step up. Another reason is because it's DISTINCTLY different from the way we treat our dogs at home. Lastly, the FORMULA  they use to train the dogs isn't a way would treat our family dogs.                           In conclusion dog fighting should not be illegal.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Symbolism Project

First Semester Projects

Plot Reading Assessment Project
Character Reading Assessment Project
Narrator Reading Assessment Project
Symbolism Reading Assessment Project
Narrative Essay
Persuasive Essay